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Before each visit, please make an appointment by calling.

A preliminary call is required to discuss with the owner his wishes concerning the grooming and to clarify some points, such as:

  • Dog’s breed and when it  was groomed for the last time.
  • What kind of services you would like to order.
  • If  you would like to order the services with washing.

The dog’s fur should be clean and well combed always before the grooming. It is an essential requirement.

If you're not going to order washing of the dog, it should be washed maximum one day before the grooming, dried and well combed.

We reserve the right to refuse the service in the case the dog’s fur is dirty, due to the increase of equipment wearing out.

  • Sometimes, grooming can expose a hidden medical problem, or complicate the existing one. This may occur during or after your pet's grooming. If you are aware of any existing problems, please inform us about them before. Also we would like to know if the pet is aggressive or cowardly, if the dog has gone the veterinary intervention, is allergic or if the female dog is on the heat.
  • If your pet has parasites such as fleas, etc. please inform us immediately.

For the safety and comfort of your pet, I ask you personally to let me know if it has any special needs because of skin condition, poor health, or aggressiveness.

Take your dog for a walk before a grooming appointment.

What food do you give your dog?
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